The International Public School Education Association (IPSEA) is an association of public schools in BC, Canada that host international students.  Member districts have up to 40 years experience hosting international students that want to Study in Canada, with dedicated and professional staff working to ensure our international guests receive the best Canadian education and experience. We have excellent systems of teaching English Language Learner (ELL) by highly qualified and competent teachers, and we offer homestay programs with careful screening methods and comprehensive systems of support for students and host families.

IPSEA public school districts meet together regularly to discuss issues and strive to develop and promote practices that best serves the needs of our students. Our core values are to recognize the value of international students getting a Canadian education in BC, promote collaboration on standard and ethical recruiting and marketing practices, and support our member-school districts in their pursuit of excellent programming.

IPSEA requires members to provide proof of a clear admission process using the procedures that comply with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) policies, and published rules and expectations for international students.  A clear and published refund policy, care and supervision of the students both in the Canadian schools and the community, and a homestay program that includes placement and supervision of students is required. Member districts must also maintain a system for ensuring all international students have medical insurance in compliance with the BC Medicare Protection Act.


IPSEA Executive board

IPSEA member school districts elect an executive board each year to represent the interests of BC Public School International Programs for students that want to go to school in Canada. Our members come from BC Canada schools.

Kathren Clarke

Executive Director

Colin Guiguet



Sheri Wakefield

Vice President

Kevin O’Donnell


Amber O’Quinn


Amy Shoup

Past President

Constitution + Bylaws


The International Public School Education Association of British Columbia ("the Association") is a voluntary member organization comprised of member public school districts in British Columbia who welcome international students through a formal recruiting and hosting program. The purpose of the Association is to promote collaboration among memberdistricts and to support member-districts in their efforts to promote British Columbia public education to the international community.


1.1 To support and assist administrators and staff member-district international student programs.

1.2 To advise government and all interested parties on the needs, directions and effectiveness of international education.

1.3 To provide a united, consistent voice for member-district international student programs in developing relationships with post-secondary institutions and their policies.

1.4 To provide a united, consistent voice for member-district international student programs in developing relationships with government and non-government agencies in the areas of recruitment and information dissemination.

1.5 To work co-operatively towards the establishment of common standards of ethical conduct and educational expectations.