Learning on the Edge of Canada – Immerse yourself in pristine wilderness, explore with our unrivaled outdoor program, and learn rich traditional cultures from our Indigenous people. Our boutique International program offers students an unrivaled education that is life changing.

Situated in the heart of Vancouver Island, BC in the territory of the Mowachaht/Muchalaht Indigenous peoples, the town of Gold River is surrounded by snow capped mountains, waterfalls, pristine salmon-filled rivers, and ancient forests, this is where wilderness and wildlife abound – the land of discovery! Arts and crafts flourish in the region allowing students to immerse themselves in Canadian culture. At the gateway to historic Nootka Sound on the edge of Canada’s Pacific Coast, our international students learn, explore and live in a clean, modern and safe coastal mountain community.

An Exceptional Outdoor Education Program Students choose adventures tailored to their interest and comfort level. The Opportunity to Travel and Explore on the Edge of Canada Students discover our spectacular coastal district, learn in remote schools and communities, and immerse themselves in our unique coastal culture. A Rich Culture and Heritage Students learn about Canada’s indigenous people, and to appreciate their sense of place and history. This is where first contact with Europeans was made between Captain Cook and Chief Maquinna. Living in Small towns that embrace and care for students; where the presence of international students is embraced.

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